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Niedziela, 21 Października, 2018
Feedback From Poland

5 marketing myths that you have to ditch part 1

AUTOR: Michał Szczepański Opublikowano: 26.01.2016

We’ve all heard them, we’ve all encountered them & we all despise them. But knowing your enemy is always a good idea and that’s why we go through them time after time. That’s also when we swallow our pride when we know nothing can be done and the logo has to be bigger. But on the inside we’re fighting a true battle. So let’s lay out the truth.

1. Any marketing is better than no marketing

This ”NO” is even bigger than the one when Darth Vader yelled after learning from the Emperor that he ”killed” Padme. Being out there with your message is doing you any good if it’s well thought through, has a meaning and is serving a precise goal. Sales increase when customers trust a product, learn about it or perhaps hear about it from a trustworthy source. You can spend hours on end scribbling one article for multiple parenting websites and picking the right color for the headline but if those websites are based only on that type of content then that’s not the best choice. Especially if you make tripods for airsoft guns. Mostly pointless, not well targeted and tbh blind marketing is wasted time, and wasted time is wasted money. And nobody likes to waste money.

2. I like it & feel it, so must they

Even if you strongly believe in something & have a truck-load of experience you might as well be swinging a cricket bat at a whale 100 ft. deep in the Pacific if you don’t do teamwork. The best of the best marketers come up with amazing ideas & solutions basing on brain storming with colleagues, research & deep feeling of the product, market & all of this while being goal-oriented. You can, and should trust your gut, but there ain’t no I in TEAM, and everybody’s been saying that for decades for a reason.

3. A blank brief generates creativeness

Anyone receiving such a document is willing to scream in their defense ”this not how this works, this is not how „ANY OF THIS WORKS”. This is the scenario 99% of the time. The other 1% is when there’s an overachiever that thinks he’ll (or she’ll) get gold in Cannes for this project and it’s gonna be entirely their idea (aaand we’re back to the 2nd rule, double tap on the spot). A brief lays the ground rules and the more specific you get, the better product you’ll receive. It’s an instruction. Have you ever tried to put your kids Lego’s together without ONE? Good luck and watch where you step tomorrow.

4. The sales process ends with the salespeople

It’s were the creative part should begin. The people at the end of the food chain (quit often) gather the most know-how about the customers, or people that decided not to purchase a certain product. The reasons why the second happen are crucial to masterminds that create the key-visuals, work on reasons-to-believe, decide what platforms are best for exploration. But quite often they forget about the front of the house guys. „We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not… fu*k with us.” True story, could change the majority of businesses, if those people would get more attention. And better salaries.

5. The best marketing is beautiful

No, and the best marketing doesn’t always win awards or make the world a better place. Truth be told, depending on the product or service, quite ofter repeating a certain claim is a very efficient way to increase sales, with an clear and also poor graphic. The rule of scale is a safe choice for many and beating your head against a wall with Peter Drucker’s quotes won’t make you any wiser or your copy more witty. In some cases the easiest way is also the most cost-efficient. But rules are meant to be broken and that occurs to us when a intriguing case study surfaces where you wonder what did the creative directors weed guy sell him. But maybe he’s just him not sticking to your owned-paid-earned media scheme and thinking about a new product like it’s a kid on playground? Because our imagination is nothing, compared to a child’s dream?

If you disagree with one (or all) of these statements, please go ahead and tell me what you find disturbing, wrong or ethically twisted. If you know better, more accurate myths then these, hold on – I’ll be back with more quite soon, but in the meantime I’d love to hear yours out. The more opinions we get to know, know-how we share the better we understand the processes that twist and turn this crazy place.

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