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Niedziela, 21 Października, 2018
Feedback From Poland

Is generation Y the strongest media power ever? Yup, it is. #bazinga

AUTOR: Michał Szczepański Opublikowano: 10.11.2015

There’s a lot of good & bad things you can say about generation Y 
(early 1980’s – 2000) but mainly that quite often we’re selfish, spoiled, narcissistic little pricks that think that everything should be handed to us. And this drives the righteous up the wall. On the other hand our products are life changing, we want to make the world a better place, but we mostly think about ourselves. Unfortunately for global economy – we’re the most influential people you can find on the Globe and in the end we drive sales. And no, of course not all of us are shallow and egocentric, but unfortunately in this case it’s the bigger half… if you catch my drift. Why is this so?

We’re conscious. The globalization process isn’t too demanding when it comes to education and everybody can get a degree not making a lot of effort. But we noticed that there’s a machine called “the World” that sucks us dry of green bills when all we want is that that $17 organic, gluten free, vegan, tofu salad from Starbucks. And a side 4 oz. ranch dressing. But still, we were brought up in environments that were already after their first base experience with marketing in general. Being precise our parents took the first swing and totally didn’t know how to handle ubiquitous adverts, newborn media channels and didn’t understand why their favorite actor was massaging a car on a poster. Then needs were distinguished and psychology became a thing. Due to bringing up in a more or less brand-aware way we skipped second and third base thanks to social media, brand recognition, extensive CSR activities all aroud, celebrities on MTV instead of music and went for the home run to outsmart brands and make us – generation Y – decisive how they act, how they communicate. This makes us the most conscious generation yet to come.

We influence other generations. Think about it. As the most brand-aware group of people in history, we share our opinion on products, services, places… other people. And we have the most ways in the world to do this. Ever. Yes, generation Z which is passing mutation at the moment and it’s catching on but we’re their older brothers or sisters, their role models as vlogers or celebrities. And still – we are the ones that have the cash to make the world go round and that’s why we attract media & brand attention. People older than us don’t have such strong opinions when comes to brand recognition and quite often we are the ones that tell then the righteous from the wicked. They’re simply more naive then us. This makes us the most influential generation which drives traffic to selected brands and drives their sales. Simple, isn’t it?

We change. Constantly. Which means that the World has to adapt to our rhythm because if it doesn’t, that part will shatter and become… vintage. Not good vintage like a ’69 Mustang but more like those nasty mint cookies your grandma used to stuff you with every chance she got. Generation Y is rolling forward day by day, app by app creating trend by trend & paths for brands all around the world, showing off what values it finds crucial. Of course we’re not an open book from which you can read and thus for us to drive any type of supply for certain products, brands need to follow up on our needs, which quite often aren’t aligned with their communication. Sorry.

We’re hard to understand. Very few brands caught up with us. It’s a matter of believing in what we believe. You can’t fake that. We’ll notice (no matter how good your camuflauge is) & we’ll simply move on and you’ll become the mint cookie that we’re all terified of, even if it brings back good memmories.

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