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Niedziela, 21 Października, 2018
Feedback From Poland

No brief? No problem. Bad communication? Go home, you’re drunk.

AUTOR: Michał Szczepański Opublikowano: 19.11.2015

In a world where all day long we’re constantly bombarded with messages, public adverts, human problems, and where people actually wear their emotions on their shoulders (polish expression) and we’re struggling with bad credit (no matter how much we make, we always want more and buy stuff, especially if we can’t afford it) all of us would kill for someone to show us the right way or even simply how to present ourselves businesslike in various environments and stressful situations.

No matter the industry, no matter the case, no matter if you’re a powerful CEO or an intern looking for a dream job. Everybody needs to know where they’re going with their career or business, even if their basing their work or strategy on a single insight that keeps their guts going. That insight can bring down an avalanche of ideas, solutions, sparks of insane ambitions if they must. But from time to time everybody needs a slight… push or kick in the right direction. Or some motivating brainwashing with Bransons quotes – but that’s still pitching a positive attitude. This brings me to the value and power of communication. Because success may just be a conversation away.

Why briefing is so damn important?

Briefing is not only crucial for the people responsible for project execution. Briefing is all about B2B communication, what many people forget. People tend to leave a couple memos that when combined, create an element of a draft of a intro to a brief. And they think that’s enough. Complete briefing of people who we work with (yeah, an agency for instance is to be a partner, not a tool – we’re on the same side in the end, don’t forget about that) shouldn’t leave important issues without consideration and specifically planned out for the future.

People who work together shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions. Who doesn’t ask questions is bound to make mistakes. Daily communication, follow-ups, making sure everybody is caught up – these are things that many of us forget to make sure are taken care of. Working together is briefing one another as often as possible, undermining former approaches, looking for loopholes and shortcuts. And being creative while doing it. If you’re not capable of proper briefing and your decisive in any way, then you’re in trouble. Of course competent people will deal without a good brief, but it’s a hell lot harder to satisfy a customer, when you don’t know what he wants.

This brings us to B2B communication. If you want successful collaboration don’t just stop on a standard brief – invite your agency over for a masterclass, tell them what you’re all about, why you do what you do – if they buy your principals and believe in you – you’ve already won. Set up a weekly follow-up routine. It’ll take 10 minutes but it’ll fill everybody in on what’s hot & what’s not. And all of this makes work a hell lot easier & more effective.

Crappy communication = crappy execution

Question everybody & everything. People tend to get used to procedures and stick to their comfort zone. Screw that, your better than that! Working on media relations, client relations, being honestly interested in the second parties success will drive your stock sky high. If you aren’t in permanent contact for instance, with your client, then you’re bound to miss out on something or get a memo really close to a deadline you can’t (or shouldn’t) miss. And we all know, that one small detail can be a game changer when we least expect it.

Question your client or your agencies methods. Maybe someone is stuck somewhere between „it’s always worked for us” and „but Snapchat is for kids, isn’t it?” and they need that one small question with which one kids always drive us up the wall „but why?”. This isn’t about doubting in someone competences, it’s about making them try harder, bend some rules, move out of the comfort zone.

Our competition out there is waiting for us to make a mistake. By improving our communication with colleagues, clients, subcontractors we can avoid problems, plant ideas, grow projects & pick success, like we planned it out. And truth be told, there are no bad ideas. Every idea can be a trigger to something amazing. You just need the right people, in the right time, in the right place. With good coffee and an unlimited amount of bagels. #truestory

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